Speaking the Language of the Subconscious

In his book, The Honeymoon Effect, world renown stem cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. (www.brucelipton.com) discusses the discovery that our subconscious programming begins even before we are born. As such we find our lives are controlled by automatic responses handed down from our parents, our family of origin, and even our ancestors. Depending on the plans we have for the life we desire this can be either a blessing or a curse.

For most of us there is at least one thing we’d like to change or gain greater control over, so we write our goals, we speak our affirmations, and we try. And we try. And we TRY again only to become more and more frustrated; increasing our feelings of guilt and shame each time we fail to achieve our hearts desire. Then we wake up in the same old life searching desperately to learn what is WRONG with us. WHY are we unable to create our magnificent life using the techniques that have become the focus of bestselling books, weekend lectures, and extended retreats? If all these techniques work for others then why not me???

What’s “wrong” is our fundamental approach. I’m here to assure you that all is not lost. With a slight shift in our methods we can access that part of us that controls how we think, how we act,  how we feel, and then make changes that are in our highest good. Just as yelling loudly or enunciating slowing does nothing to improve our ability to communicate with someone who speaks a foreign language trying harder does little to impact our ability to change the programming rooted deep within our mind. By learning to speak the language of the subconscious subtle changes and true transformation begins to feel almost effortless.

In The Honeymoon Effect, Bruce shares that the secret lies in our ability to access the subconscious mind where all our programming is stored. Just like computer programming requires the use of a language specific to the technology we require a specific language that our subconscious can understand, and act upon, for making profound changes in our lives.

How do we learn to speak the language of the subconscious to access our embedded programming? The fact is there are many amazing techniques that work incredibly well and used correctly will indeed create phenomenal changes. However, transformation tools are not “one size fits all.” It is for this reason that I utilize a broad spectrum of approaches in my practice.  Bruce states that there are three techniques that are the most powerful means of reprogramming behavior at the subconscious level all of which I use in my coaching practice.

Mindfulness and habit create the springboard from which we are able to launch our transformation into high gear. It may sound simple, however, learning to recognize old programs as they show up allows us to approach life with curiosity eliminating shame and guilt. Once we recognize patterns we are then equipped to CHOOSE each day how we will act, think, and feel. It is then that we begin to change.

Through HYPNOSIS conscious thought patterns are hushed while the brain relaxes to a theta state allowing access to the powerful subconscious. In this state we are able to impart new thought patterns and programs of our choosing. Hypnosis is effective in person, via the phone, and through the use of audio recordings.

Energy Psychology encompasses a vast array of tools and techniques, including Bruce’s recommended Psych-K, developed by Rob Williams. Psych-K allows us to create a “whole-brain state,” effectively engaging both the right and left hemispheres of the brain so that they begin to work together. Whole-brain activity has been scientifically proven to induce physical and psychological healing. On his website Bruce’s list includes, and is not limited to:

  1. Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT or Tapping
  2. The Sedona Method
  3. Thought Field Therapy (the inspiration for EFT)
  4. Body Code/emotion Code

All of these techniques are vitally important to my coaching practice. Through the use of these and a myriad of others I have witnessed remarkable transformation and healing. The applications are so broad that when I am asked “Will these techniques work on ______________?” and the situation is something new my response is “Let’s see what we can do.”

These tools are highly effective for creating a magnificent life because each is founded in a language the subconscious mind understands. So if you are interested in launching a new career, overcoming an addiction, getting control of your weight, reducing stress, eliminating pain, or overcoming any barrier in your life check out our home page and see if these techniques resonate with you!