A Lesson from Snakes

In The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz we learn that nothing anyone else does is because of us. That each person “reacts” to the world based on their own perceptions. A simple example can be found using snakes. The snakes in our area are small garden snakes and pose no physical threat. My friend startles horribly when we are on the trail anytime a snake slithers through the grass. By contrast, my response is one of curiosity: how big is it; what color is it… My friend and I have opposing responses based on the way we view snakes, and has nothing to do with the snake.

Curiously, my friend’s response has little to do with any experience she has ever had. Her response is the result of the unconscious programming that was ‘downloaded” even before she was born, and then it was reinforced by the programmed responses of her mother. My friend never had a chance to choose the appropriate response to snakes based on her own experience because it was already chosen for her.

This is the unfortunate truth of our human experience. We are born into the world pre-programmed with all sorts of information. During the first 8 years of life, from the moment of conception to about the age of 7, we continue to receive programming from the world around us.  Then from the age of 8, when science believes we enter the age of “accountability”, the age when we are able to make decisions, we react from that programming, or learning. Some of the information is useful throughout our lives (don’t take things that do not belong to you.) Some of the information serves us in our early years (hold hands when you cross the street.) In some cases, the information is destructive (you should be ashamed of yourself!)

I am reminded of a lesson I learned in my career in Technology. When I purchased a new computer it came with a variety of software programs already installed. Some of these serve the purpose for which I intend to use the device. However, some of the software, known as bloatware, needs to be removed. Bloatware is defined as:

“a nasty piece of cross-platform bloatware that’s in serious need of a total overhaul; unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.”

“users must initially contend with the usual bevy of bloatware (unnecessary toolbars, games of questionable value)”

Like our new computer, in order to change our programming, bloatware must first be removed. Then new programs must be installed. This is the order required to create permanent changes, and for true transformation to occur in our  lives. If this sounds like an impossible task take a deep breath. You can rest assured that it is indeed possible to create lasting changes and begin living the life you choose. But how?

By using tools such as Hypnosis, Psych-k, and EFT/Tapping we access the old programs (bloatware) that no longer serve us, and begin the process of removal. Engaging the language of the subconscious we speak new programming into our lives and changes occur often in ways that feel easy and effortless. Recognizing and celebrating our successes imbeds the changes at the conscious and subconscious level in a way that is understandable and explainable.  Right away we begin to think, feel and behave in new ways that serve us toward leading a remarkable life; a life we have chosen instead of the life that was programmed for us.

Thus, we are empowered with the ability to choose how best to respond to snakes