Everything You are Seeking is Seeking You – Including Your Career!

My online community is rich with posts about companies seeking great employees, and employees in search of that next extraordinary opportunity. Recruiters, HR Managers, and hiring agents invest a great deal of energy creating clearly defined job descriptions, and detailing “must haves” for prospective employees. Job seekers then invest time, energy, and often money paying professional resume writers creating a persona that matches these jobs. Companies with positions to fill generally come close to getting the process right (although I believe they often leave out the most critical components; but that’s for another article). On the other hand, time and time again, I witness hopeful applicants going about this process all wrong!

To quote one of my mentors, Bob Proctor: “Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return therefore, everything that you want is already yours. It is simply becoming more aware of what you already possess.”

There are three essential elements to landing that perfect job, and they might surprise you. But first, let’s look at the don’ts:

  • Don’t #1 – When you begin you job search DON’T begin by researching what’s available
  • Don’t apply for positions that look enticing
  • Don’t keep your search a secret

So what then are you supposed to do?

  • As Stephen Covey instructs “Begin with the end in mind”. Invest time and energy clearly defining your perfect career. Contemplate what YOU want. Put it in writing. It’s okay to start with location and responsibilities, title, income and benefits. Then this is where the fun begins. Consider the culture that will best fit what you want to contribute to an organization. Think about how you feel as you walk into your new office building? Or would you prefer to work from a home office? What so you see in your surroundings as you do your work each day? How are people speaking with one another? Can you imagine what others will say to you when you are working in your amazing career? What do you hear? Be very clear in the sights, sounds, and feelings you experience as you provide incredible service to an organization that shares your core values.
  • Keep this written manuscript with you at all times and read it throughout the day. As you become clearer about your desired career, update your document. Consider all the best traits of jobs you’ve had in the past, or jobs you’ve heard about. Write down everything you have ever thought you wanted in a career. Feel the excitement you will feel as you begin your magnificent career adventure. Immerse yourself in the feeling. Add more details to your document about the unique skills you bring to your new career.
  • Be courageous: Share your desires with those within your network, including recruiters. Share with your family, friends, previous co-workers. You will be amazed at the direction you will be lead. Create your daily mantra that looks something like this: “I am so happy and grateful now that I am working with an amazing team of people in an organization that aligns with my core values. I am respected and valued for all that I contribute.”

And remember to have FUN while on this adventure!

Congratulations on your surefire success!