About Hypnosis

Many people still hold the idea that hypnosis is a trance state where you are at risk of behaving in outrageous or embarrassing ways that you may not remember.  In actuality, you remain in control at all times, choosing, with the subconscious, all-knowing, wise mind, which suggestions to accept and which to reject. That’s why all hypnosis, in essence, is really self-hypnosis and completely safe.

Everyone who has a desire to do so can be hypnotized. It’s important that the environment and the facilitator feel safe. Whether hypnosis feels like the experience of guided visualization or one of being in a far off land, dramatic results are possible.

You will become very excited when you experience how quickly you are able to results with hypnosis. By accessing the subconscious, divine mind, you are get right to the source where real transformation occurs.