Write YOUR Love Story

When I give presentations on my work I often share a brief list of why clients come to see me. This inventory includes Manifesting the Last Great Love of Your Life. Frequently there is a ripple of questions and comments surrounding this topic among members of the group from, “Does Coaching and Hypnosis really works for that?” to “What should be on my list? I mean, you don’t want to get too picky, do you?” and the one I heard just last week “What if I’m already in a relationship? Do I still need to make a list?”

Does Coaching and Hypnosis really works for manifesting the last great love of your life? ABSOLUTELY! I live a love story today because of Coaching and Hypnosis. My coach required I do all the work using several tools in order to attract my husband. She helped me to understand the sort of life I truly wanted, ensured I had considered all aspects of life, AND that I remain focused. Nine months after we began the process I met the man who captured my heart and changed my life in many wonderful ways.

What should be on your list? How picky, or rather, how selective, should you be? My dear love seekers, EVERYTHING should be on your list. We are talking about the person you will sleep with each night. The person you will share finances with. The person you’ll go on vacation with. THIS is the person you will trust with your beloved pet, or your children! So YES!!! BE PICKY!!!

As you begin to write (Yes – this  MUST be written) consider what matters to you. If it comes into your awareness it matters! Does it matter to you where they live? What are their habits? What about friends, community engagement, exercise routines, family values? How do they approach work, finances and education? Do you care how they engage with alcohol and other substances? Is spirituality important to you? Are physical attributes a consideration? Answer the questions, “I could never live with someone who __________”, and “It’s important that my love _____________.” Then fill in the blanks over and over and over. As new thoughts come to mind write those down too. This document for manifesting the last great love of your life is a living document to be modified until the day your meet your person.  

During this process it’s important to recognize that your soul mate, life partner, husband or wife is not supposed to be a carbon copy of you. Rather, this person will enhance your life, and you will enhance theirs. They will be strong where you are not so strong. Kahlil Gibran, in The Prophet, teaches that the goal is not to make a bond of love, but instead to be like the string of the lute. Although they are separate they quiver to the same music.

Creating this declaration when you are already in a relationship may feel a bit awkward. However, if you are feeling compelled to engage in this process then absolutely do it! If something in your gut is leading you to consider whether your current love interest is right for you in the long run trust that instinct. It may lead you to open dialog with one another and ask unanswered questions. It may also lead you to a crossroad where you will feel the need to remove yourself from the relationship. If you have invested in the other person your heart may ache a bit at the thought of breaking off the relationship. Still, for all the reason listed above, moving on may be the right choice for you. You won’t be able to attract a wonderful mate if that role is filled with someone who is not right for you. It’s essential you have space open in your life for love to manifest.

As you do your work toward creating an amazing life that includes a rich love life, rest assured that this will lead to attracting a wonderful relationship. Once you have clearly defined what you desire the Source of all miracles will begin to operate on your behalf. That person, who is imperfect, and yet right for you, is just around the corner. As in the wise words of Paulo Coelho, who said,” Everything you seek is seeking you,” the ONE you seek is also seeking you.