Skin Care

I was first introduced to NuSkin in my early 30’s and after a few years switched to different lines, like those found in Macy’s. I thought they were good. And then, about 12 years ago I was reintroduced, and oh man did I realize the error in my ways!

A friend demonstrated the Galvanic Spa Facial Gels to me with a hand demo. I saw a dramatic difference right away. However, being the skeptic that I was, I went home and put both hands in front of my daughter. Immediately she asked “WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAND???” I was sold!

Just last week I saw my esthetic nurse who asked “Do you realize how fortunate you are to have skin that looks 15 years younger?

Hello! This is not good fortune – I work at it!

My current skin care regimen includes: