Integrity of a Person

Several months ago, I joined a group called “Women in Menopause” on Facebook, because, well, I happen to be a woman in menopause. The goal of the group is to support one another and, when asked, to provide recommendations for solutions to specific symptoms. I was shocked when I was attacked one day after recommending a specific CBD line. A woman in the group replied to my post “watch out ladies she’s an MLMer” as if that meant I was a liar, lacked integrity, or worse. I saw another post today on a group I recently joined called Boss Ladies PDX by someone who indicated one should not pay attention to people with a business model in direct sales because it’s always a scam and not a real business.

I am deeply saddened by the comments in these posts. I have invested much of my career in business technology sales working in a male dominate industry, often working for multi-million-dollar companies who had no soul. In all those years no one ever asked me how I got paid. I left that world several years ago to continue my passion in helping people discover the very best version of themselves. I am a transformation coach who includes hypnosis, NLP, breath work, EFT, and other modalities in my work. I also recommend other solutions to my clients as I am inspired and based on my personal experience. Some of those solutions are products offered through a direct sales model.

During the course of my career in business development and sales I have worked in a traditional sales model where I was the sales manager, I have been an individual contributor as a sales executive, I have managed independent agents for technology companies, and I have worked with organizations that have a direct sales model.

There is one thread that holds true in each one of these scenarios: With everything I’ve ever sold or recommended I believed 100% that buying and using the product or service was in my contacts best interests. Regardless of how (or if) I get paid I am honest, and I have integrity. I have found this to be true where most salespeople and business owners that I have worked with in my lifetime regardless of how they are compensated.

So please people stop looking at how your product or service representative is paid, and consider the integrity of the person In front of you. Then ask yourself if the product provides the solution you seek” If a person is using bait and switch tactics that’s on them as a person – NOT on the compensation model. I support all my friends who represent jewelry, skin care, essential oils, cleaning products, nutritional products, art, wine, coffee, clothes, communications, and more, REGARDLESS of how you are paid.

I would hope we would be supporting one another in general instead of bashing one another. A simple “No Thank You” has always been my response when someone offers something that doesn’t resonate with me. I chose to exercise courtesy, honesty, and personal choice. I CHOOSE not to bash any woman or her business, especially regarding how she earns an income.